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Dave Aronson 
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The Codosaurus
(by Fanie GrĂ©goire)

Codosaurus, LLC

Software Development Consulting

Home of the ACRUMEN Software Quality Framework

What can I help you evolve today?


I help companies
write better software faster.

I do this through the following services:

Roadmapping your projects to figure out how to get where you want to go, and some shortcuts and speedbumps.
Advising your development teams on tools, techniques, processes, etc. to help them work efficiently.
Training your developers how to write better software faster, saving money on rework, fixing, and support.
Reviewing your (Ruby) code, to help make it more understandable, maintainable, efficient, idiomatic, etc.
Writing software, for a fixed price after roadmapping, as staff-aug as part of team advice, or just to help you get it done.

If you have software projects you're not sure how to proceed on, developers who produce low-quality software, inefficient development processes, or questions on how your code could be improved, then let The Codosaurus help!